With the ongoing issue on the renewal of ABS-CBN franchise and after having it discussed in class (Media 230), here are the things I have learned on this topic of interest.

In the application for a legislative franchise in print media, anyone can actually establish their own newspaper business as long as the company will be solely owned by the citizens of the Philippines as it is stated in the law that “The ownership and management of mass media shall be limited to citizens of the Philippines, or to corporations or associations wholly owned and managed by such citizens.” which also includes the broadcasting media. But in getting a franchise for a broadcast company, it requires more processes than in print. First, the company should register in Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) like all private entities do in order to begin a business in our country. The next is the need to seek a legislative franchise from Congress, also called primary franchise, with 25 years of term and is subject to renewal. Also, in order to fully start a new television or media outlet they need an authorization by the National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) through Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPC) or the “secondary franchise”. Licensing is necessary for the government to control the use of frequency.

Moreover, about Solicitor General  Jose Calida’s quo warranto petition on ABS-CBN which aims to not renew the network’s franchise hence having it shut down, he cited two reasons for this action. But first let me define what “quo warranto” is, it is a “legal procedure used to challenge an individual’s right to or authority over the position he or she holds.” In line with this, Sol Gen Calida is saying that the network violated its franchise terms when they started launching their TV Plus, where the subscribers can pay another fee in order to watch a certain movie through Kapamilya Box Office (KBO) Channel. It is because the network’s franchise should be a free-TV channel. Furthermore, Calida also claimed that ABS-CBN violated the constitutional rule that media companies should be 100% owned by Filipinos, he cited the network’s involvement with the PDR’s or the Philippine Depositary Receipts which is a financial instruments used by media entities to allow foreign investments. Calida cited that ABS-CBN allows foreign ownership through this.

In response, ABS-CBN insisted that they did not violate any constitutional law because PDR transactions are allowed by the SEC for this foreign investment doesn’t give the investor any right to vote or even own a share in the company. They also clarified that their KBO channel is approved by the NTC and they did comply with all the necessary permits in order for it to be launched.

As of this moment, the case for the franchise renewal of ABS CBN is ongoing. Though there are different opinions being raised up about this issue, the network is receiving support from different group of people including its rival network and government officials. The network’s franchise will expire on March 30, 2020.


Personal Survey on the Novel Corona Virus Outbreak


Since there is a recent outbreak in the Philippines on the Novel Corona Virus, I surveyed 15 people from different places regarding the information they get on this topic. And below are the data gathered.

There are 15 respondents on the survey who came from different places like Pampanga, Bulacan, Marikina City, and Laguna. The age range of the survey is shown on the figure below.


As listed, the respondents are in their early 20’s who belong to the Gen Z, mid 20’s who belong to the millenials and 2 of them are in their 40’s. Out of 15, 6 of them first get the information on Novel Corona Virus in Social media; 8 in Television and 1 heard the news from radio. (Please see figure below)


Furthermore, out of the 5 respondents who belong to the Generation Z group (those who were born in 1996-2010) 2 of them first heard the information on NCoV in Television, while the other 3 saw it on Facebook. Out of the 8 respondents who belong to the millennials (born in 1980-1995), 4 of them first heard the news on Television, 3 saw it on Facebook and 1 heard it from the radio. And the 2 respondents who are in their 40’s both heard the news in Television.

Moreover, 13 (86.67%) out of 15 respondents are college graduate while 2 (13.33%) of them are college student who both heard the news on NCoV in Television.

Upon asking them what information on the outbreak is most important to them, the survey found out that most of the respondents are interested to know the preventive measures on how they will not be affected of the virus. 5 (33.33%) of them want to know how to avoid acquiring the virus, 2 (13.33%) of them want to know its source, 2 (13.33%) are interested in knowing its effects to human, 2 (13.33%) if the virus already entered the Philippines, 2 (13.33%) is looking for information on the virus itself, 1 (6.67%) of them wants to know the number of infected and 1 (6.67%)  of them wants to know the mode of transmission.

In asking if they believe the news they get right away, 2 (13.33%) out of the 15 respondents said no for they look for another source of information about the NCoV outbreak. 13 of them said yes for different reasons. Out of the 13 respondents who believe the information they get, 8 (61.54%) of them said because social media is supporting the details and the news presented through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is supported with facts and statistics, 2 (15.38%) of them said it is all over the news in television so they confirmed the information they heard right away, yet 3 (23.08%) of them refused to say why.

On the data gathered on this survey, it can be concluded that though social media is already part of Filipinos’ everyday life and one of the news sources, television is still where we first get information especially on serious matters as this Novel Corona Virus. And social media is just the secondary source of information. Also, one of the things people would really want to know on this virus outbreak is on how to protect them from getting infected.


Tapos na.

Ngayong araw susulat ako
Susulat ako at bibitawan ko
Lahat ng salitang nais kong sabihin sayo
Mga salitang laman ng puso ko
Na gustong ipagsigawan upang marinig mo
Hindi ko alam kung bakit
Ni hindi ko maintindihan kung paanong nangyari
Matagal ng sinarado ang puso
Sinarado sa mundong paulit ulit na lang akong niloloko
Ano bang kasalanan ko?
Bakit palagi na lang akong pinaglalaruan ng mundo?
Paborito ba ko nito?
Paboritong maging manlalaro sa laro ng pag-ibig
At ikaw ano?
Anong parte mo sa laro na to?

Dumating ka na lang ng walang pasabi
Tapos umalis ka rin ng walang pasabi
Huy. Wala namang ganyanan.
Ano? Naglalaro lang ba talaga tayo?
Kasi kung “oo” sana sinabi mo
Para kahit papano nakapagensayo ko
Hindi kasi handa ang puso na to
Di ba kahit sinong walang ensayo masakit pagkatapos maglaro?
‘Yon mismo ang kalagayan nito
Seryoso. Walang halong biro.
Nagulat ka ba? Dahil sobrang bilis?
Hindi ko rin alam kung bakit
Kung bakit naniwala sa mga salita mong hindi ko mawari
Kung bakit nagtiwala ang puso sa tulad mo
Kung bakit umasang balang araw sasabihin mo rin ng diretso
Ang mga salitang hinihintay kong bigkasin mo
Pero wala, hindi mo ginawa
Ngayon naiintindihan mo na ba?
Kasi kung hindi pa sasabihin ko na
Oo, gusto kita
Hindi ko ba naipakita?
Patawarin mo sana
Naguguluhan lang din ang puso, natatakot
Pero basta isa lang ang sigurado
Totoo lahat ng nadarama nito
Mula una hanggang dulo

Kaya’t ngayong araw susulat ako
Susulat ako at bibitawan ko
Ang pag-asang pinanghahawakan ko
Na baka nga tayo pa rin pagdating sa dulo
Dahil ito siguro ang malabo
Sapagkat hindi ko alam kung alin sayo ang totoo
O kung may totoo nga ba sa lahat ng pinakita at sinabi mo
Pero okay na
Hindi ko na hihintayin pang linawin mo
Hindi na maghihintay pa sa paliwanag mo dahil
Pagod ng masaktan ang puso
Pagod ng umasa, pagod ng mabasag muli
Pagod na
Paubos na rin ang luha
At hindi na hahayaang maubos pa
Dahil ngayong araw naisulat ko na
Lahat ng nais isigaw
Lahat ng nais kong malaman mo
At dito na rin matatapos
Sapagkat tutuldukan ko na
Tinutuldukan ko na.

Worshipping God amidst Adversity

Hi! I don’t know if someone will ever try to read this blog because as a matter of fact, I also do not take a lot of time reading others’ blog posts. I just made an account so I could write or post something whenever I want or feel to, so please forgive me.

Actually, I took a time off on posting even those encouraging words I used to post every day. I guess, I am not really into writing. I just do it as a way of helping myself to somehow ease whatever I am feeling inside. Or should I say, I am only enthusiastic to write every time I feel a strong emotion in me particularly when it is a negative or heart breaking emotion.

Okay, let me start now because this post has so many introductions already about me as if you are that interested in my life, again, I beg you to forgive me. Disclaimer, I am not a good writer or blogger or whatever you call it.

Basically, this post has no particular topic. I just want to share to someone, maybe to you, what I am feeling right now. I would consider this post as my very first blog on my site since this is my most personal post ever.

For the last four months, I spent almost all of my time in our house, doing nothing. Why? It was because I resigned at my work last first week of March so I don’t have anything to do in particular. Why again? Last February, I spent my days thinking if I should still sign an extension contract in my previous job, not because I do not enjoy my work anymore but because it was getting unhealthy physically, emotionally and spiritually. So I prayed hard, do some fasting, and asked God for a sign. And to make the long story short, the answer I got from God was He wanted me to leave, so I did.

Leaving my job was not an easy decision, I guess, the only reason it happened because the Lord gave me the courage to do so. All I ever think back then was He will surely give me another work for it was Him who took my job from me, which I asked him to give me in the first place back in 2015. I hold on to his promises. I even chose to spend more time at church and engage in different ministry so I could help my church and at the same time, build my relationship with Him. I involved myself in Sunday school where I got to teach kids in morning services; and drama team where I did short film, edited videos and prepared different presentations at different events. Faith was everything I had during those moments.

Four months had passed and here I am, still officially unemployed. Before you think of something unpleasant, I will tell you as soon as now, I do not stop attending church services, I do not quit from my ministries or even became inactive member because I am an active follower of Christ as of posting. And just to be clear, turning my back again from the Lord is the only choice and mistake I won’t ever do again. I know how hard it is, I’d been there for three years and believe me when I say it wasn’t worth it. Yes, you will be free to do and try whatever you want with no one to stop you from it, with no one to tell you that it is not right but I tell you, living life away from the Lord is something you will soon regret. You will never find happiness and true joy despite having everything you want, despite experiencing all the adventures in this world, despite going in to places you ever dreamed of or even when you finally checked all of the things written in your bucket list. Because even after getting all these things done, there will always be an empty space inside of you that no one could ever fill. A space you long to be occupied by something or someone you do not know, that’s why you keep on searching, you keep on asking why, you keep on trying whatever excites you only to find out that there is still something missing in you like a lost piece of a jigsaw puzzle. So if you ever feel like giving up right now and letting go of your relationship with God, please no. And if you are the one I am referring to as someone who is still in search of true happiness or someone who feel so incomplete despite having everything you want, please take time to reflect and think of your situation right now. Maybe you haven’t encountered Jesus in your life yet. Or maybe you know Him by name but do not understand who He really is, taking time to just evaluate your life would be of great help. Maybe I can help you, or you can find a support group around you. I promise to post another blog about who Jesus Christ is, soon. I’ll try my best to do one.

As I promised, this post will be about what I am currently feeling and all the things I have said earlier are part of it. Like you, despite having Jesus as my source of strength, power and faith, I also feel discouraged and weak as an ordinary individual. I even felt like my decision of leaving my job was wrong, that I misunderstood the signs God gave me; and for the record, I do not felt it just once or twice but many times. Of course doubting God for His plans was wrong, but I am a human, we are all, and committing mistakes are part of us. No matter how much faith I have, my current situation sometimes feels so discouraging. I worked in a prominent television network, I underwent leadership training and seminars, I got good grades when I was in college, I have a lot of skills and can do more than expected but I am jobless. I simply do not understand why. Don’t get me wrong, I still trust God and will continue trusting Him forever. But like I said, I am having a hard time understanding why.

As of the moment, only God knows the state of my heart but I will try to describe how it feels. I am a bit worried about when will I find a job again, I am too frustrated to help my parents in paying bills and my brother in his study because in the next two months he will start schooling again as a third year college student; I am starting to doubt myself as to why companies do not see me as a potential employee and yes, like you, my faith is hardly being challenged right now.

It is undeniably tough to keep focused in times like this; I am actually in the process of getting back in a consistent prayer life which I gradually missed in my battle amidst adversity. But I want you to know that even though I do not understand where God is leading me, I still commit myself in serving Him. I am still a Sunday school teacher, one of the head of the drama team and currently managing a Facebook page for my church as well as the overall in charge in the multimedia ministry. Would you like to know why? It is because I got inspired by a testimony I read on Facebook, I forgot his name (I’ll search for it and will post on the comment box) but this is what he said, he realized that the best worship we can give to God while we are still here on earth that we couldn’t give to Him when we finally go to heaven is to praise and worship him in times of suffering, in times of pain because in heaven there is no pain, no more suffering; declaring in the end that he would not let his pain to steal his worship in God. And that became my own motivation to continue worshiping and serving the Lord, I always remind myself these words, “I would not let my pain to steal my worship in you.”

One thing I realized in this process is that trusting God, serving Him, praising Him, worshiping Him and thanking Him, should not only when you are in abundance and prosperity but also when you are in pain, in grief, in suffering, in the midst of problems, for this means your faith and love for him are being tested. I may not know what God is doing in my life right now, but I know I have Him and He has my back; I may still be unemployed but God knows exactly what I need and when I need it; and I may not understand his plans for me but I believe it is greater than I could ever imagined and my future lies in His hands. So everything am I facing at the moment, are only challenges I will soon overcome through Him who gives me strength.

The Broken Strings Of My Heart

I saw the old guitar I used to play when I was young
Removing all the dust
Yes, it hasn’t been played for years
It feels like the first time
The moment I allowed my fingers to pluck the strings again

And every time I try to plot a chord
I could feel your fingers tracing mine
But it was painful
Like a beginner who insisted to learn

Using the pick I tried to strum the strings
Somehow believing that it might still be in tune
But your memories haunted me
And I know we will never get the perfect tune
It was painful to hear the unpleasant sound
Like hearing our story that eventually turned grey

So I strived hard to figure out what was wrong
Adjusting the tuner
Plucking each string
Hoping we could possibly get the rhythm

I chose to play a song
The one you always sing to me while holding my waist
But no matter how hard I plotted the chords
All I feel is the pain yet still not learning the right beat

I continuously played, repeatedly
Hoping that I would gradually get the melody
Then I remember how we walked hand in hand
Not minding everyone around
And then I started to get the right rhythm
Finally, I can play it properly

But just when I was enjoying the flawless sound
So pleasing I could not help but sing with it,
Was when the old strings got broken
It ruined the perfect melody
And reminded me of the day you decided to let go of me

It hurts so much
My eyes began to cry so I let the tears fall
Cause there’s nothing I can do
But watch my fingers bleed
And wait until the day for my wounds to be healed.

22 Things I Am Grateful For

A month after I turned 22 last April 2, I decided to make a list of the 22 things/people/events in my life that I am grateful for. This is because I have read Lexi Fernandez’s post with the same topic last January after she turned 22. I got inspired so I wrote mine too. 

This list doesn’t include everything and everyone I am thankful for, because if so, I couldn’t imagine how long this would be; I just ended up listing whatever comes on my mind first while doing this. Hope you take a while to read it.

1. Jesus

He will always be the first! If I didn’t get a chance to encounter him, I couldn’t imagine what my life will look right now. It will be a total mess, that’s for sure. I spent 30 minutes to 1 hour of my time everyday reading a particular passage in the bible which helped me a lot in my everyday life. And I know, that’s the secret of having a positive outlook amidst pain, struggles and uncertainties. Jesus saves me everyday! ❤

2. Family

No words can how much love I have for my family and vice versa. We may not be as perfect and as rich as the others but I would never, ever, trade them for anything or anyone. They’re my greatest treasure.

3. School Of Leaders 1

There are a lot of things I missed in this world when I was a teenager but enrolling in the SOL1 gave me a deeper understanding in life. And I am glad to be in the process and be one of the future leaders at church. And yeah, I already graduated in SOL 1. Sad, I haven’t completed yet the requirements to be a qualified enrollee for SOL 2 but I promise to work hard for it this month.

4. Czarina, my workmate that eventually turned best friend

Thank you for being true from the first day we met. And for being supportive when I decided to leave GMA even though I know, it both broke us. You even cried in front of me and that made me feel so loved (Sorry, Haha, but I honestly love that night Feb 24, 2017) I love you! 

5. Ate Cristina, my cell leader

I may not be as sweet as my other cell members but I care for you that much. Know that you are always in my prayers. Sorry for not being bold but that’s me. (Haha)

6. Having the courage to leave my previous job

It was hard, too hard. But I had to because the Lord told me so. Now, I knew the reason why, I couldn’t be thankful enough for taking me out of the place that burned and stressed me out. Nobody saw it, but I was just really good at hiding the truth and pretending I was okay.

7. Ate Vida and kuya Harris

The two people I consulted on the days of considering the offer I received before finally deciding to leave. Thank you for encouraging me so much to trust in the Lord and in his plans. And of course, for being my movie buddies!

8. Magpakailanman Family

It was a good roller coaster ride. Thank you for all the lessons learned. For all the ups and downs that shaped to be a good employee and to be the best version of myself.

9. GMA Network Inc.

My 1 year and 8 months stay was worth it. I’ve got to experience a lot and meet new people who taught me different things in life.

10. DRAMA Team

Before I was just the video editor but you gave me a chance to write and eventually directing a short film. Thank you for the trust! Cheers to more films and presentations to make this year!

11. Sunday School

Last March 24 was just the day I expressed my interest to be a sunday school teacher and you already gave me a lesson to teach on my birthday. And I absolutely enjoyed spending my birthday teaching those little kids.

12. Zion Christian Fellowship-Apalit

I’m very much grateful and thankful that I belong to this church. I stopped attending for  4 years but when I came back, you accepted me again and let me feel that I still belong to the family. My heart is truly joyful that I am one of the royalties.

13. Children International – Manila

This NGO was my first love. This place molded me to be a good youth leader and facilitator. For all the trainings, workshops and events I undergone and in return facilitated, I was totally moved out from my comfort zone. I also learned the habit of giving in whatever way we can. It was a good 4 or almost 5 years with you!

14. Kuya A

You were the one who introduced me to a passion-driven life. Thank you for the friendship and for all the life lessons and especially for teaching me the child-friendly methodologies that I adapted now that I am teaching kids at Sunday School.

15. Rica Dee and Lyka

We may not see each other that much but you two are my bestfriends forever. We have been “bes” for 8 years and I thank God for having you both as my BFF. Love you!

16. The directors I’ve worked with

Never in my life I imagined that I will be able to work with all of you, thank you for all the lessons I learned. Each of you has your own uniqueness and style which I am truly honored to witness with my own eyes. It was a pleasure to work closely with all of you and I promise to keep in mind the pointers you shared to me. See you all in the field someday! 

17. Palakas

Aj, Lianne, Patricia and Kem, you stayed with me in my entire college days and you are still with me until now. I can’t wait to see us all finally achieving our dreams. Cheers to more kwentuhans, tawanan and iyakan as well. I love you all.

18. My cellphone

I never really intended to buy this phone (Samsung J7 2016) but since my phone prior to this got snatched, I ended up buying this. But, I am grateful because everytime I was in the mood to write random things – poems, short stories, I will just pull my cp’s out then saved it on my notes. This phone stored so much of my feelings for I expressed myself more in writing.

19. Starbucks at the Veranda of Robinson’s Galleria

The place where I spent almost all of my “ME TIME”. Staying for 3 long hours doing nothing, just getting away of my stressful life; the place where I escaped from all the issues and dramas of my professional life.

20. Ms Rebya

I only worked with you for only three months but it felt like forever. Haha. No joke. I love those beautiful 3 months. I enjoyed every single day of taping, I even got excited of going to the office the next day. Those months were the least pressured days of my showbiz life. And before I forgot, I loved the night we were texting using highfalutin tagalog words yet we still understood what each of us were saying. Thank you for a short break to a stressful world of showbiz and for all the happiness we’ve shared together with a joined force of MPK and now DTBY team.

21. Euwenn Mikael Aleta

I have loved you from the first day we met and you’re kind of my stress reliever. It was really hard to explain why. I’ll just continue living with it. Haha. Thank you for singing happy birthday to me on a facebook post. I’ll see you soon, I promise. I love you! ❤


This year was my first time to celebrate my birthday and I am glad that I spent it with you guys. We may belong to a different cellgroup at church but it doesn’t hindered us from getting close to each other. Thank you for being real and supportive always. I love you guys so much! 
I have so much to be thankful for but unfortunately I couldn’t include it to this post because I promise to only list 22. But anyway, God knows my heart well and everything in it. He knows that I am so much grateful for having lived this wonderfully written life for 21 years and now living this 22nd year. 

Let me take this moment to thank you all for being a part of my story. Thank you to everyone who stayed, to those few who left, to those who tried hard to understand my extroverted introvert attitude, to those who caused me pain and sorry to those I hurt and to all who tried to be a part of my life but I was too blind to see and too dumb to feel. It needs a deeper discussion why.

I can’t wait to write more of my story especially now that I am about to take another journey. Most importantly, I am too excited to see where God will send me next. I know this new phase will be more amazing, awesome and adventurous than what I had before.

Thank you for supporting me. I love you! ❤


May 11, 2017


2 Chronicles 1:7;10

The Lord asked king Solomon what does he want to receive from Him and Solomon prayed for wisdom and knowledge so that he will be able to rule the people of Israel.

He had a chance to ask for FAME, WEALTH, and everything that may bring him to the peak of success but he didn’t ask for something that only he will be benefited.

Because of what he did, he gained the favor of the Lord and blessed him not only by giving him wisdom but also by making him the most famous and wisest king. He also had great wealth.

If the Lord will ask you, “what would you like him to give you”, what would it be?

Choose to be unselfish! ❤

(Today’s full text: 1 Chronicles 29 – 2 Chronicles 2)



1 Chronicles 28:9-10


1. Serve Him with an undivided heart
– in Deuteronomy 10:12, the Lord commanded you to serve him with all your heart
– and when your heart is divided, you will never have focus, because it is true that “you cannot serve two masters at a time”

2. With a willing mind
– Your mind is always connected to your heart so if your mind is not willing to serve, you will fail to serve the Lord despite giving Him your heart

3. With determination
– Determination means doing something even though it’s difficult and serving God doesn’t mean you’ll be free from pain but keep serving, your sacrifices will be paid off in the end

Serve God with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your soul. (Joshua 22:5, 1 Samuel 12:20, Deuteronomy 11:13)

(Today’s full text: 1 Chronicles 26-28)



1 Chronicles 23:17;32

Why? Because it is a gift from God.


1. Evaluate yourself
– Determine your strength and weaknesses and work on it

2. Allow God to use you
– Do yourself a favor, devote yourself to serving the Lord through the abilities He has bestowed you with

3. Accept the challenge
– Taking another responsibility will require time and effort but take it anyway, because serving God doesn’t end on attending church every Sunday

Are you ready to go to the next level of worship?

(Today’s full text: 1 Chronicles 23-25)


Your decisions and actions may affect someone else’s life!

1 Chronicles 21:17


– Be careful!
– Think twice! (Or hundred times if needed) 🤔
– Consider other people in the equation.
– Your life is not yours alone.
– Lastly, ask for His approval. If He (the creator of the universe) disapproves of what you are about to do, don’t go too far. Stop. And follow what He is telling you.

Dearest, following Him is definitely not easy, but it’s worth it! ❤

(Today’s full text: 1 Chronicles 20-22)